Sharp Dressed Man
Empowering Men To Improve Their Lives.

Empowering Men to Improve Their Lives

Sharp Dressed Man

Bridging a Critical Gap since 2011

Sharp Dressed Man empowers men to improve their lives - equipping men in the Baltimore and LA areas who are preparing for work through job training programs with recycled suits for job interviews. Our professional presentation program gives men confidence and a professional look as they prepare for job interviews. We bridge a critical gap between job development programs that provide training and the remaining skills and look needed to be considered for and obtain employment. Sharp Dressed Man is the only program of its kind in the area, and our services are desperately needed in Baltimore and beyond.

Often a nice suit and appropriate business attire is the last hurdle for men getting back on their feet. Sharp Dressed Man equips men who are ready for work with a measure-to-fit, one on one styling experience resulting in a hand selected suit and accessories to wear to interviews and other occasions. 

Studies show we have seven seconds to make a first impression. Aligning a man's outer look with his inner character helps to remove biases and enables him to move ahead in his job search. Our suit program helps improve first impressions in the Baltimore region, helping men get back on their feet to live a better life. 




529 Old Town Mall
Baltimore, MD 21202


1400 Aliceanna Street
Baltimore, MD 21231




david boone

Their organization is the only one in the State of Maryland who had enough insight to recognize that some people are less fortunate and can't afford a suit for a job interview or a special occasion.

Christopher Jay Blankenship Sr.

I got to finally get the opportunity to stop in and the family here was such a blessing. The young gentleman that was working with me sizing my suit and treating me with great customer service was a Mr. Detoro.

maurice good

It's incredible what Sharp Dressed Man are doing for these incredible human beings.

Van Pappoose Johnson

You guys are the best, you gave me hope that I will find a good job. When I walked through your doors today I had a frown on my face, but once I was put into my suit I couldn't stop smiling. Not to mention the suit that was picked out for me was meant for me. I felt like a new man and I can honestly say I wanted to cry.

Rich Kelleher

I just saw an amazing video from Upworthy about Sharp Dressed Man. If this business does not deserve a 5 Star rating I am not sure any business does. The fact they offer free suits to those in need extremely noble and amazing. Thank you for being an ethical organization! Every person and organization should learn from your staff.

trinya lynn

The work by SDM doesn't just change clothes, it changes lives.


When you get a guy all suited up and he looks at himself in the mirror, then he sees his own potential.
— Christopher Schafer, founder